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Secured Credit Card – Reviews On Top Credit Cards

How simpler and more convenient it would be for people to move around without credit cards. But the reality of the matter is that most aspects of our economy require us to have these cards especially when it comes to hotels, your business and booking a flight.

In the event that you are not able to manage your credit card it will be important to use a secured credit card.

Make sure you look for a bank that offers a variety of options for secured credit cards. The orchard bank is very popular and provides a variety of options. It has an affordable fee structure convenient for many if not most people with bad financial records. When it comes to a reliable card you won't go wrong with this one.

The bank charges are made on an annual basis unlike other banks that charge on a monthly basis. Their cards are much simpler and user friendly. The card is valid for up to three years.

The essence of secured credit cards is to enable you to rebuild your financial status. For it to work you need to know how much you will have to deposit on a monthly basis. You will also need to know whether there are any restrictions on the account and you need to know how much credit will be limited to you.

What Is The Difference Between Prepaid Credit Cards And Secured Credit Cards?

Prepaid credit cards are more or less similar in function to secured credit cards. The only difference is that they have the MasterCard and the visa logo on them, meaning they can be used worldwide unlike the secured credit cards that are only limited to the bank that issued it.

Chase credit cards

Chase credit cards offer a wide range of credit cards including the popular Chase secured credit card, visa cards, travel cards and student cards. The advantage with chase is that you get to earn points and rewards and therefore motivates people to save.

Wamu and Citibank are two other recommended financial services offering a variety of options including secured credit cards. Both banks develop a real connection with clients and email them their financial statements every now and then.

They send your any recent updates on your fico scores and on a monthly basis. Apparently there is a mutual correspondence between WAMU and Citibank. The correspondence allows clients with secured accounts to have their accounts transferred and converted to normal accounts.

Can Anyone Apply For A Secured Credit Card?

Recently banks have raised their standards for issuing accounts to people with low and weak financial scores as a result of the economic crisis and uncertainty. In this regard if you have trouble getting a secured account it would be better for you to get a Wachovia secure credit card. This is one of the best secured credit cards you can get your hands on.

Secured Credit Cards

A secure credit card is best for people who have had trouble applying for the normal card. The advantage with the Wachovia secured account is that the qualifications are easy and simple for the average man, the credit line is manageable and it guarantees the possibility of switching to a normal credit card.

The US Bank is considered one of the best banks in offering favorable terms for secured credit cards despite the interest rate being high. The bank also guarantees you easy transfer from your secure account to an unsecured account within a year. This is why choosing one of the secure credit cards available makes sense.

The bank offers interests upon massive deposits and has a low annual fee of about $35. There is a bonus on your credit line for a 50% increase in your deposit. This is always a top quality amongst the best secured credit cards.

Why Should You Learn More About Secured Credit Cards?

The secured credit cards offered by Capital One financial services are advantageous in the sense that they do no need any applying fee like most banks require. People who have elevated their scores are rewarded with credit lines of up to $3000 with minimum security deposits that are refundable.

There is a guarantee of securing your deposits in the long run and there is a free transfer balance. Wells Fargo also offers favorable secured credit accounts to people with poor financial scores.

They have an affordable annual fee of $18 and a good interest rate compared to Citi bank. This card is recommended for modest people who want to maintain a favorable and lavish social status despite their financial weakness. These are by far the best secured credit cards.

With the new millennium bank getting the best secured credit card is as easy as eating pie. The new millennium bank and the digital FCU offer a wide range of favorable credit services for people with low scores.

There is no credit check, the annual fee is a minimum affordable amount, there is no activation fee or process fee and the banks issue reports to at least three major credit companies for score accountability.

Many people have been paying little attention to the first premier bank when it comes to secured accounts. What they do not know is that this bank gives them a very valuable chance to raise their scores and ultimately their financial status. There are still some people that question themselves on what is a secured credit card but for the most part they are now aware.

First premier bank is very good for people with low scores and finances. They do not require application fees and they have favorable credit limit and bonuses. They tend to give bonuses for a 50% increase in the monthly deposit. They are among the best banks to go to when you are in need of a secured credit card.

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